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Why I’ve Been Inconsistent With My YouTube Channel

I’m calling myself out! I’ll be super honest and tell you why I’ve been so inconsistent with my YouTube Channel and Podcast. 

Disclaimer: I might make excuses, but I’ll also tell you how I plan on getting rid of them!


Okay, then let’s begin from when it all began. I started my YouTube Channel in 2017. (Everybody is slow at the start, even I was.) But I was super active in 2018. 

I recorded lots of videos. I cringe looking at how I looked back then, but those videos are still there on my channel only because I want to let you know that everybody starts messy and small. What matters is that you actually begin!

So, I’m super proud of the 2018 me, and in fact, I want to bring the ‘I don’t care’ attitude back. I don’t want to care about how I look or sound anymore. I just want to create and share valuable videos that impact and change lives.

2019 saw a little bit of a break. I tried to get back in 2020, I was consistent for a few months, but then I broke my flow. 


Last year just flew by. If you follow me you know I’m obsessed with updating my online Academy, Marketing Accelerator! So a lot of my time went into updating it. Then towards the end, I showed up ‘Live’ on many occasions for my customers.

I was live for 3 back to back days for a Challenge on Mindset Makeover. Then I went Live 6 times for my mindset students. My team and I created a new product – ‘A-Z Clients Decoder’, we did a few launches. I was crazy busy.

When I’m busy doing one thing, I only like to concentrate on that one thing, that’s just how I roll. So whenever I’m doing these things, free content always takes a toss.


But I analyzed why this happens and even figured out how to avoid it. Most of the time my perfection stops me from creating videos even when I have great ideas.

I feel everything starting from my background to my hair and make-up should be perfect, and while that’s a great thing it shouldn’t be the only thing! Neither should not looking perfect stop you from sharing content! 

This also goes to say that it’s okay if your videos aren’t popping up with graphics or splashes of colorful texts here and there. I’m going to keep it simple, real, and raw. Because honestly, simplicity scales.

And from now onwards, my motto is to just get the content out because I know it’s going to help you! 


So I’m not going to get annoyed or fall prey to long processes to perfect my videos. I’m not going to let 4 of my team members work on one video just to get more likes, followers, or subscribers. 

I’m going to do what I like, I’m going to create content that I’m genuinely passionate about and not run after numbers!

This also means I’ll only be producing content I genuinely believe in, I won’t create the ‘Top 10 hacks’ or ‘Top 5 Tips’ kind of videos anymore. Not that I have a problem with that format (I totally respect people doing that) just that I don’t vibe with it. 

I’m more of a business/marketing foundations and strategies kind of a person, so that’s what I’ll be putting out on YouTube too!


Another reason that always stops me is not having all the fancy equipment I want or a good video recording professional, but that’s not happening anymore! I’m not going to let anything stop me. I’m going all out and showing up no matter how or what!


I’ll stop for now, but if you’re vibing with me, watch this video to keep the party going. In the end, I also show you my cool denim jacket and talk about how weird my hair gets 😛


March 31, 2022