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How Our Team Strives For Max Efficiency

Revealing our daily, weekly, and monthly workflow!

If you’re a solopreneur who’s looking to build a small team or has recently built one, I have some amazing insights on how you can run an efficient, lean, and mean team.

I have a virtual team consisting of 4 ‘fully stacked’ members. Each team member has multiple jobs. For instance, my copywriter is also responsible for coming up with new content ideas every week. My social media manager also handles my Podcasts, YouTube Channel, and ads.

While large VC-funded companies hire specific people for specific roles, I don’t do that. I keep my team small and shower them with knowledge.

When I do this, they pour back all that they have learned from me to our customers and the customers ultimately give back all the love to me. 

So, if you do the same, it’s a win-win for everybody. Your team members grow, your customers are satisfied, and you get more love and business!

What else does an entrepreneur want, anyway? 

So today, I’m going to tell you what I do to run my team without any miscommunication, procrastination, or confusion. 

I’ll tell you how we get our work done with utmost confidence, ease, and clarity!


1. We Meet On Daily Huddles!

Every day, my team and I meet on a Zoom call at 10:00 AM IST (with our videos on). On these calls, we discuss the outcomes expected out of each team member along with discussing what they worked on, on the previous day.

We discuss whether or not they could finish yesterday’s outcome, if they couldn’t we find out what happened. Was it taking longer than expected or did they face any blockers? I answer their questions, and then we move on to deciding the current day’s outcome. Every day each team member has around 3 to 5 outcomes.

Mondays are a little different because, on Monday, we first discuss the weekly outcomes before moving on to the daily outcomes just so each person knows what they’re responsible for that week. A launch, social media rebranding, adding new products, or anything that is planned for them.

If you are wondering how I come up with the weekly outcomes. I have a meeting about it on Friday with my general manager wherein we decide the tasks and outcomes of each member for the upcoming week.

However, if you don’t have a general manager, you are the general manager. So make sure you decide on these tasks in advance to build a dynamic and agile team.

BTW we also do monthly planning in the last week of every month! And you should do the same. Not only does it keep you and your team on track but it’s oddly satisfying too!


2. Quarterly Team Reviews

To have a healthy relationship with your team members, you must go on review calls with them. Give them direct access to you on a one-to-one call. 

Tell them what you’ve been thinking about their performance, give them your honest feedback. 

If your team member performed well in a certain project, appreciate them. Few good words from you can pump them up and drive them to perform even better.

However, if there’s something you didn’t like about them or their work, tell them. It’s way better than bottling up your feelings and exploding in the end. Plus, the sooner they know, the faster they can fix it.

Another amazing thing about these review calls is that your teammates give you their feedback too. They’ll tell you what they liked about their work and what else they want to learn from you to improve their performance. They’ll also share their problems and sometimes even come up with solutions.

As a leader, you can grab all that information and immediately work on reducing their problems. This will make everything even more efficient and help you get better results.


Now, before you take off to devise or revise your own team workflow, watch this video to know why you should build a brave team culture and how that’s going to benefit you!


March 31, 2022