Build community-led brands and
            with high-end offers

Build community-led brands and
with high-end offers



If you’re a
and are ready to scale your six and seven-figure brands, welcome to the party!

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Roota Mittal is the founder of the education brand. She is known for her no BS approach to scaling businesses with a *mindset first* approach. If you let her, she’ll truly uncover her secrets to building a high-income, high-impact and high-integrity business. 

Roota Mittal was interviewed by Forbes International and was awarded the Clickfunnels 2 comma club for building a
million-dollar brand from scratch.

Roota's company has sold over $1.5M worth of courses, coaching, and consulting and helped 3150+ clients across 14 countries! Her biggest pride is her customers who’ve done $16M in sales by implementing her frameworks. Her teachings and work inspire 350,000+ people to own their freedom, quit jobs, embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and become their own boss.

She comes from non-affluent beginnings, but never has let that deter her crazy big dreams. She went from working as a software engineer at a startup to being a high-end freelancer while travelling the world to running her 7-figure online education company today with a lean + mean team! She's currently writing a book and travelling every chance she gets while running her company!




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Vortex is a 12-month mastermind where impact-driven coaches and high-ticket consultants unite to build their million-dollar brand!

Network with 40 other top entrepreneurs in the online industry.

Learn how to add an additional $10,000-$20,000/m in "profit" to your business.

And build a high-ticket business that you're proud of!

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  • August 2016 - resigned from my corporate job as a software developer #freedom
  • September 2016 - launched my first ever website which I designed myself
  • November 2016 - Got my first ever international payment of $280 USD for my Facebook Ad Services! And I was on the moon.
  • April 2017 - Made $5000 as a freelancer in ONE month
  • August 2017 - Wanted to give up freelancing + burn my business to the ground because of the income roller coaster which was depressing AF
  • April 2018 - Launched Marketing Accelerator Academy (MAA) to the world
  • September 2018 - Hit my first $10,000 as a freelancer
  • February 2019 - Wanted to burn my business to the ground (again) after facing a lot of Internet trolls/haters. Good thing I didn’t let them win 
  • September 2019 - Hit $25000 per month for the first time ever. Also, hit $100,000+ in revenue in a calendar year. Officially a six-figure entrepreneur. 
  • September 2020 - Hitting $50,000 months with our signature program
  • September 2021 - Hit our highest month ever with $88,000/month, got featured in Forbes, won the Clickfunnels 2 comma club award
  • September 2022 - Went through a hard time personally, shut down my signature program, and started a new high-ticket offer from scratch to work with advanced entrepreneurs deeply, called the Vortex Mastermind. Became a first-time angel investor.
  • September 2023 - Working on my book, Became a first-time real estate investor, and helping our clients inside Vortex Mastermind level up their profits and impact and so many exciting things in the work that I’ll announce soon!

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Our company has been responsible for the scale of multiple 7-figure and 6-figure brands that you know online today. We have hundreds and hundreds of testimonials documented and this page would never end if we shared that! Watch a couple of client videos to know how clients view our impact. Are you going to be our next case study?



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from our clients 

“Working with Roota is an absolute no-brainer! I had $50,000 USD in revenue this month alone. This was all because of Roota, her strategies, her team and the ads she implemented. She also strategically grew my Instagram followers and helped me build an audience that truly aligns with my brand’s goal! If you are serious about changing your social media into a money making machine, then I highly recommend Roota’s services.”

- Esther Inmann from 90 Day VA

"Roota has helped me achieve a lot. The numbers speak for itself. Over $15,000 USD in course sales, which was my first course ever. Over 600 new people added to my email list and over 4000 targeted and engaged Instagram followers. If you are thinking about working with her, Dive in, LITERALLY! She is amazing."

- Julia Taylor from JTDigital media"

Watch our Vortex Mastermind clients share their wins, progress and journeys. 

- Vortex Mastermind clients

How Tejal Chopra Built  $300,000 business using social media! Dive into this Vortex Mastermind Client journey!

- Tejal Chopra

How Meenakshi helps her clients launch with $1,22,000 in tracked sales with Facebook Ads!


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After serving over 3100 clients across fourteen countries, and building a community of 350,000 people; my mission is to empower you to have more freedom and wealth.

On my Youtube channel, I create videos about scaling your online education business, marketing, writing books, personal finance, and all the topics I'm obsessed with.



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