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"Remember that if you quit right now, the game is over. There’s no winning after that. There were a lot of times in my business when I wanted to give up. But I kept going because I believe it’s not done until you win."

Roota Mittal is the founder of the education brand. She is known for her no BS approach to scaling businesses with a *mindset first* approach. If you let her, she’ll truly uncover her secrets to building a high-income, high-impact and high-integrity business. 

Roota Mittal was interviewed by Forbes International and was awarded the Clickfunnels 2 comma club for building a million-dollar brand from scratch.

She comes from non-affluent beginnings, but never has let that deter her crazy big dreams. She went from working as a software engineer at a startup to being a high-end freelancer while travelling the world to running her 7-figure online education company today with a lean + mean team!

Roota's teachings and work have inspired thousands of people to own their freedom, quit jobs, embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and become their own boss. Her biggest pride is her customers who’ve done $11M in sales by implementing her frameworks.




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Vortex is for you if you’re a consultant, coach, course creator or expert, with an existing business making at least $1000 /month. If this is you, you’re probably struggling with:

- Selling high-end offers and stuck charging low-ticket
- Getting clients on auto-pilot
- Growth plateaued and you don't know how to scale profits
- Scaling to 1:many offers to leverage time 
- Hiring smart people and delegating
- Systems, Automations and Operations
- Finding a group of people at or above your level so you can level up fast

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Real stories, testimonials, and the truth from students who have implemented my frameworks and come out the other side with tons of success. They have taken real actionable steps and created the career of their dreams. It works. They’re showing you what’s possible! They’ve done it. You’re next!



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“Working with Roota is an absolute no-brainer! I had $50,000 USD in revenue this month alone. This was all because of Roota, her strategies, her team and the ads she implemented. She also strategically grew my Instagram followers and helped me build an audience that truly aligns with my brand’s goal! If you are serious about changing your social media into a money making machine, then I highly recommend Roota’s services.”

- Esther Inmann from 90 Day VA

"Roota has helped me achieve a lot. The numbers speak for itself. Over $15,000 USD in course sales, which was my first course ever. Over 600 new people added to my email list and over 4000 targeted and engaged Instagram followers. If you are thinking about working with her, Dive in, LITERALLY! She is amazing."

- Julia Taylor from JTDigital media"

Tripti made $10,000 Revenue from 2 Clients and has made $18000 in revenue in total. Tripti quit her 9-5 Corporate Job as a Programmer Analyst in an IT Company in search for more time, location and income-based freedom.

- Tripti Tanwar