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Top 5 Skills to Ace your Freelancing Career

If you’re on the lookout to improve or add new profitable skills to your existing skill set, you are at the right place! I’m going to share the top skills to become a high-end, profitable and successful freelancer, coach, consultant, or creator in 2022. You can leverage on each of these skills in various ways, to create an impact in your clients’ businesses and be a booked-out business owner.


Skill 1 : Copywriting

Copywriting is when you write words to sell or market something.

It could be an ad copy, sales page copy, video ads, short-form video copy, organic video copy, email marketing, etc; anything which is words that you get to use to sell something. Copywriting is very powerful because once you really learn the skill of copywriting, it is used in every business, in every company, in growing your own or your clients’ businesses. Copywriters can charge anywhere from $2000- $5000 for one sales page copy. Some copywriters even charge $5000- $10,000 a day. It definitely is a super lucrative skill to learn in 2022.


Skill 2 : Creating Videos

Video Marketing immediately increases your know, like, and trust factor. It is amazing how watching someone’s videos can do that. You instantly feel that you know them, like them, and are a part of their story. Short-form content in video marketing is on the roar and especially in ads as well as organically. If you can help someone make super irresistible and engaging videos and video ads, it is a high-end skill and is something that clients will reward you for.

The best way to get started is definitely by observing what kind of videos are performing well. There are tools to check out people’s video ads. You can learn from them, do your competitive research and see how you can help your client up-level their video strategy.


Skill 3 :  Building Funnels

Building a profitable value ladder is a premium skill. You should make sure that the funnels you are creating are actually converting and providing value because just building a pretty funnel is not enough. Building, making it work to bring in revenue, and troubleshooting funnels are some of the invaluable skills to have. 


Skill 4 : Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google

All these are the big honchos and powerful platforms to advertise. Even though Facebook ads had a lot of changes in the last year after the iOS 14 policy update, Facebook’s retargeting and warm targeting still works. As long as your funnel is converting and you are able to make profits, you definitely want to keep running ads on Facebook. You might need to do a few tweaks because of iOS 14 policies but Facebook ads are still profitable.

YouTube ads are also super powerful. Video marketing plays a huge role. YouTube has a different kind of audience. Always search for relevant keywords whenever you target and create ads to be able to hit those people who are the right fit.


Skill 5 : The Art of Troubleshooting

So many marketers learn the hard skills and then will shut off their creativity and brain and blindly implement what they once learned. Having the creativity and the urge to do competitive research, always keeping your eyes open to industry changes and platform changes will take you a long way. Mainly troubleshooting when something is not working and actually looking at data. We don’t want to create marketing campaigns that don’t end up converting. The skill of troubleshooting will help you when something goes south or doesn’t go according to the estimates and the strategy you planned for.


These are the top 5 high-paying skills that you should be focusing on in 2022 to become a successful freelancer and help your clients actually move the profit needle in order to create an impact in your clients’ business.


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February 28, 2022