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How I built a million-dollar business and the 3 lessons I learned

I am a firm believer in ‘Nothing changes if nothing changes.’

If you don’t take action to change your circumstances, they will never improve – that’s 100% guaranteed. So don’t let fear, doubt, anxiety stop you from achieving your heartfelt desires!

Get Ready because I’m going to share my entire journey from the start from zero to creating a seven-figure business.

A couple of months ago, my company hit a million dollars in revenue.

P.S. That doesn’t mean that I have a million dollars in my bank, not yet at least, but soon, hopefully.

I want to share my journey and also 3 important lessons I learned along the way in the hopes that, it will inspire you to create your own million-dollar business.

Back in 2016, I was working as a software developer in a corporate job but was tired of endlessly slogging and working on weekends to build someone else’s dream. I finally decided to quit my high-paying job in the search of more freedom.

So I literally quit my job to make money while traveling. I wanted to travel the world. I wanted to visit the beaches of Greece. I wanted to have pizza in Italy. I wanted to ride the canals in Venice. I wanted to climb the volcanos and hike in Hawaii. I wanted to explore the temples of Cambodia, all of which I got to do thanks to my business.

After quitting my job, I tried my hands at freelancing and landed my first client for a whopping $280. That might not seem a lot to you but it meant the world to me back then.

I started offering services like Facebook Ads, SEO, and sales funnels. I became a six-figure freelancer in two years, working with high-end clients all across the world. I was ecstatic working with people who valued my services, paid me my worth, and I, in turn, was able to help grow their business 5X -10X times, and sometimes even more.

After hitting the six-figure freelancer milestone, I wanted to create a real tangible impact on people’s lives which is why I curated my online academy ‘Marketing Accelerator’ which was a one-to-many solution so I could help multiple people to skyrocket their income and live a life they have always dreamt of.

So currently, my business has five full-time members apart from me and we also hire anywhere from four to five freelancers to help us out.

It’s crazy to think that my business, which I started in a shared apartment about five years ago, is able to pay for the salaries, bills, and groceries of 10 to 11 people.

I’m so grateful today that my business has helped so many people hit a six-figure business via my product, Marketing Accelerator Academy. The highest level of happiness that I get today is hearing our customer testimonials, videos, and case studies. It has switched from me making money to my current obsession which is to make sure our customers are happy. Our customers are achieving their income goals that’s what makes me want to get up every single day and do my job running this company.

Today, my product, Marketing Accelerator, has over 2100 customers all across the world.

The 3 lessons that I learned along this uphill journey are:

Lesson 1: Resilience – In this journey, I felt like giving up so many times. The reasons were different at different stages of business.

In my freelancing days, it was client issues dealing with tough clients or the haters and trollers who would say the meanest things on Earth to me. I had to learn to develop a thick skin and keep continuing, to keep showing up because you cannot please everyone. Just because 5% of your audience, doesn’t like you, you can’t give up. You need to show up for the 95% of your audience who value your work and that’s what matters. As I further grew my business, I faced obstacles like hiring a team, the pains of growing a company, building your revenue streams, and all sorts of operations issues.

Be prepared because if you want a million-dollar business, life will throw all sorts of challenges and obstacles at you but I bet you it will make you stronger and wiser. You will always learn something from the challenges that you face. Just think of challenges as a way to get new data, new feedback about you, about your business, about what you can do better. If you change that mindset in that way, then you will think of obstacles as just a normal part of entrepreneurial life.

Lesson 2: Mindset is more important than Skills – Mindset is everything. It prepares you how you deal with your difficult days, how you show up as a leader of your team, how you show up as a leader of your company, as a leader of your product, as a way to guide customers. It’s very important that your mindset is right. It won’t work if your personal life is on fire, your personal relationships are crazy, dysfunctional, or toxic.

Your diet, nutrition, meditation, workouts, movement, affirmation, goal setting have to be on point so that you can show up as your best self.

So when I’m having a bad day, I think about my company vision, and it keeps me going, I am very in tune with my ‘WHY’? Which I also advise my customers to do. ‘WHY’ did you start a business? ‘WHY’ did you begin? Remembering that basically pushes you through the tough times.

Lesson 3: I Pay for Fast Success – I invest in mentorship and coaching when required. I do not like to be stuck in one place and repeat mistakes.

I have heavily invested in so many mentors and coaches, which have helped me a lot. I fully believe that if you want to succeed fast, you need to pay someone because it’s definitely a trade-off between, time and money.

So you choose, would you rather spend time figuring everything out yourself or take an expert’s help?

I agree Google has all the answers but when you’re paying for mentorship and coaching, you are paying for fast answers and tailored coaching based on your situations and based on your mindset and blocks.

And I am a huge fan of always investing in my personal growth, whether it be via courses, conferences, coaching, or masterminds. I highly believe that if I didn’t invest in myself, it would have taken me more than five years, maybe ten years to achieve this success.

Success loves speed, money loves speed. So, if you want to keep the momentum alive, it comes from learning from someone 10 steps ahead of you and it has incredibly helped me.

Have you noticed huge billion-dollar companies always have a board of directors, who act as mentors and coaches, whenever the CEO needs help and be it any favourite athlete that you love, be it Nadal, Serena Williams, or your favourite cricketers, whoever it might be, every single one of those successful people has a coach.

And that is definitely the most important reason for my success.

Watch the full video to know in detail How I built a million-dollar business and the 3 lessons I learned along the way.

February 28, 2022