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Written by Roota Mittal on

Social Media Strategy to Dominate Your Niche in 2022

Having a clear and well-defined strategy is critically important for the success of a business.

A strategy provides you with a roadmap with action plans and helps you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

I’m going to share my company’s social media strategy and the key takeaways for you to curate and implement your own strategy for your business.

I am a big-time believer in working smart and not hard, and the concept of repurposing helps me do that. Repurposing is the art of how to make one piece of content work for you for a longer time. 

So, we publish 2 videos on YouTube each week. I record and publish 1 YouTube video and repurpose it across many platforms like blogs pointing to the YouTube video, email broadcast redirecting the audience to the YouTube video, podcast, Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Post, and Instagram Stories. Through repurposing, I do the work once and have it go a long way.

My business is omnipresent across various platforms and my team helps me in doing all the repurposing.

The second YouTube video is a customer interview that my team handles. My signature program ‘Marketing Accelerator Academy’ has 2100+ customers who are on their journey to make $10,000 and beyond via freelancing or entrepreneurship. My team interviews the academy winners every week who are smashing their income and life goals. We repurpose this video on podcasts, Instagram stories, and email broadcasts.

For 2022, the major platforms that I’m going to focus on are YouTube (for organic reach and SEO), podcast (suitable for raw topics and Behind the scene content), Instagram (focussing on video content), and email marketing which contributes to a major chunk in my business revenue.

So, in a week,

  • We do 2 YouTube Videos
  • 4 emails out of which 2 are repurposed from the YouTube videos and other 2 are new emails the team writes every week. P.S. You should sign up to my newsletter because I share a lot of value on the emails.
  • 3 Feed Posts on my Instagram Profile
  • 2 Stories Set on Instagram

At the start, all this might feel overwhelming to achieve if you are a solopreneur. You can hire freelancers like a social media manager, copywriter or virtual assistant to help you with all the content across various platforms.

At the start, you should focus on 1 or 2 platforms and then double down on them. One of them should be a video platform either YouTube or Instagram + Email marketing is a must.

Social media and leveraging marketing online in today’s world is the best way to ensure that your business grows consistently.

So now you can create a strategy that works best for you according to your business needs and get ready to dominate your niche. 

Watch the video to know in detail about where to start from and how to do social media domination in 2022 –

March 4, 2022

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