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Top 5 Lessons I Learned in 2021 (Life + Business)

2021 has surely been a rollercoaster ride for many including myself and my business. It definitely was a growth-filled year both personally and professionally and while I’m on a journey to build an 8 Figure business, it has made me realize that even my mental health is worth millions of dollars. 

The top lessons that 2021 has taught me are:

Lesson 1 – The Importance of Mental Well Being

I discovered that even taking time off for rest is productive. Taking care of my mental health through journaling, weaning off social media, not posting on social media, and taking breaks whenever needed is very necessary.

Success in life has to be well-rounded and holistic. It is an amalgamation of health, wealth, and relationships.

Lesson 2 – Ups and Downs of Running a Business

In 2020, as a company, we tripled our growth but in 2021 we didn’t triple it. But it doesn’t bog me down because some years in business are growth years and some years you are just sustaining that growth and fixing the behind the scene stuff.

On the other hand, we got featured in Forbes.com and got awarded the ClickFunnels 2 comma Club Award i.e. we hit a million dollars in sales through a single funnel.

Also, this year we hired 3 team members and trained them from scratch and I empowered my leadership team to take more responsibilities to navigate and execute the company mission and run my business even when I’m not around. This surely will have a major impact in helping me scale my business in the upcoming months.

Lesson 3 – Be Customer Obsessed

Put your customers first in all your company decisions. Mark my words, you will never ever lose with that. In June 2021, we collected all the results from our customers. Our Marketing Accelerator students have got clients worth a million dollars and have made ten million dollars for their client’s businesses, which means our company is responsible for empowering others to enjoy over eleven million dollars in revenue.

Lesson 4 – Importance of Family

Family is the most important thing for me. If you don’t have good familial bonds, or don’t have the time, flexibility, and freedom to take care of them and do anything to make sure that they are happy and alright, then I don’t think life is worth living. I am grateful for the freedom entrepreneurship offers. I could go back home to support my family when they needed me for a couple of months and I’m so glad that my business allowed me the flexibility to do that.

Lesson 5 – Cutting the Crap

I realized that I was consuming content that wasn’t adding any constructive value to me and I decided to unfollow those people on Instagram. Earlier, my screen time was 4-5 hours a day which I have reduced to 1 hour a day, which mainly focuses on up-leveling my work.

You always need the inspiration to come from an external source, hence I switched my consumption source to books and selected YouTube Channels.

It has helped me develop clean thinking, have my sanity in place, and mainly not compare myself to other people, in other terms helped me keep imposter syndrome at bay.

I stopped doing comparisonitis because I realized my story, my background, and my life is unique.


These were the 5 life-changing lessons that 2021 has taught me. 2021 has been tough for so many of us, in so many ways, yet it was full of learnings and growth! 

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February 28, 2022