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How to Make Your First or Next $1000 Fast with Freelancing

In case you are fed up with hanging out on Fiverr & Upwork and working for $5/hour with soul-sucking clients, here are my battle-tested strategies to land high-end clients who pay you well. This framework has helped 2100+ entrepreneurs craft their successful businesses online.

There are 3 ways in which you can make First or Next $1000 Fast with Freelancing:

  • Done For You (DFY) Services
  • 1:1 Consulting Calls
  • Courses or Digital Products

The first way is to do ‘Done For You’ services, they are the easiest to sell. For example, the client hires you to do Facebook ads management, build a lead magnet funnel or do social media management for their Instagram profile for a month, like creation of Instagram Reels, Instagram posts, stories, scheduling them and engaging with their audience.  

For a Done For You Service you can easily charge one client $1000 for providing one service.

The conversion rate (how many people see your offer and end up buying) for Done For You Services is 20% according to the industry average, which means if you pitch your services to five people, at least one should end up buying. 

While going on a discovery call with clients, always research about their business beforehand. Check out what bottlenecks they have, what strategies are they currently implementing and what is their desired outcome and the roadmap to achieve that.

You have to pitch your services in a manner that the client feels that you are the perfect person who can fill the gap between the current situation and their desired outcome.

The second way is to make your First or Next $1000 Fast with Freelancing is through 1:1 Consulting Calls.

You consult the client on the problem they are facing and give them the strategy to resolve it. Example, not being able to track viewers & purchasers, Google Analytics setup, low-converting funnels, etc. You’ll be helping them with the strategy or the steps to take to solve the problem.

A one hour call should be enough to troubleshoot any issue.

For 1:1 Consulting Call Service you can easily charge $500 per client even if you have just started out. So you need to close two clients to make $1000.

The conversion rate for 1:1 Consulting Call Service is 20% according to the industry average, which means if you pitch your services to ten people, at least two of those clients should be onboarded.

Consulting calls can be sold through a quick discovery call or it can also be sold through DM’s and messages on social media. 

The third way is to sell a digital product or a course.

For making $1000 you can do the math on how much price you want to charge for your product. If you charge $100 per course you’ll have to sell it to ten clients or if you charge $333 per course, you’ll have to sell it to three people.

The conversion rate for a digital product is 1% – 3% according to the industry average, which means 300 people need to see your offer in order to sell at least 3 courses, at a price point of $333.

To send 300 people to your funnel, you either need to be great at organic marketing or do paid ads.

I always preach to charge high ticket, that’s the best way to go. You talk to a smaller number of people and close premium high paying clients.



Don’t get demotivated if a client doesn’t close on discovery calls, your offer needs to be seen by a minimum number of prospects in order to land a client. If a client is still not closing, you need to dive deep into your offer. Check that your offer is really juicy, valuable enough to solve big problems for your customers/clients. If clients are still not converting, it could mean you need to revamp the offer/approach.

Pro Tip – Create a YouTube video or any social media video and put it across on all your social media platforms. The video should be full of value and should not be more than 10 to 15 minutes long. You basically you need to just explain 3 knowledge bombs and ask people to book a call with you. Send this video to your email list or if you don’t have an email list publish it across your social media handles. To book calls with prospects use Calendly.com, shower your prospects with a lot of value & strategy and convert them into paying clients.

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February 28, 2022