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5 Secrets To Become A Successful Freelancer!

Launching a business can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and overwhelming at the same time. But it’s all worth it when you start selling and making profits. 

It’s addictive! 

And even though my company has now made over 7 figures in revenue. I still remember making my first $100,000 as a freelancer! 

Nothing compares to it because, believe it or not, that was the hardest to achieve!

Today, I’m going to share how you can fast track your way to hitting your first or next $100,000 by doing these 6 things that I did!


1) Find your Novelty!

Don’t just follow what everybody else in the market is doing. Find out what’s unique about you and your service. 

Observe the problems that people around you face on a regular basis, and come up with unique solutions for them. That there could be your million-dollar business idea!


2) Master the art of Troubleshooting and Problem Solving!

Every business faces problems; learn how to deal with them. Create a system to maintain, track and analyze data. 

You should be able to look at your business data and figure out why something did or did not work. If something didn’t work, take feedback from your data instead of getting emotional or personal about it. 

Remember, it’s not about how hard you worked. It’s about whether the market liked it or not. Develop the ability to look at data without emotions.


3) Charge High-End!

This is one of the most important things that you’ve got to do if you want to hit $100,000 without working with multiple soul-crushing clients at the same time. 

That doesn’t mean you can charge $5000 from your first client. You’ve got to start small (I charged $280 for a month of my services from my first client) and eventually double up your prices with each client. 

Imagine how cool it would be to reach a point where you can work with only a handful of clients every month and still bring in a total of $5000 or even $10,000 a month!


4) Learn & Execute High-End Skills!

Learn skills that pay you a lot of money but don’t require much manual work. 

Upgrade skills where your strategies, creativity, and management directly affect the clients’ bottom line and they are happy to pay you for your services. 

For instance, I charged $4000 from one of my clients and provided services like Facebook Ads management, copywriting and Instagram marketing. 

I also went on consultation calls to help them improve their sales further. So the value that I was providing was directly impacting their business and sales in a profitable way. Do something similar; provide value and results in exchange for money!


5) Build a portfolio!

If you’re a budding entrepreneur and haven’t worked with any clients yet, you need to work with 3 clients (for free) in exchange for their testimonials. That’s a great way to start! These testimonials will become the heroes of your portfolio and give it immense credibility. 

Create a portfolio with all your services and then showcase these testimonials. Use the work you did for those clients as case studies. 

Do not forget to add your social links and a direct CTA for your future ‘paid’ clients. Keep updating this portfolio with bigger and better clients to fast track your way to $100,000!


That’s it for now, but if you want to learn more about these skills and get an insight into how I overcame my mental blocks around pricing high-end, dive right into this video –



March 28, 2022