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Why Are You NOT Successful In Business!?

That might sound like I’m coming at you or am calling you out but believe me I’m not! 

I just want you to be aware of the mistakes that are standing in the way of your success. I want you to work on things that haven’t been going well and fix your foundational mindset before you begin anything new!

So treat this as tough coaching and resolve these issues as soon as you can! 

Here is a list of 7 things that are stopping you from succeeding in both business and life:


1) You Run Away From Your Problems

I know it’s cliched, but if you don’t solve your problems nobody will! You are bound to face problems when you try to reach a goal. 

For instance, if you decide to climb a mountain and your goal is to reach the peak. You have to survive the valley despite the weather and ferocious wild animals. 

Come up with ways to deal with and eradicate your problems. Create opportunities and earn chances to move forward instead of wallowing in self-pity and falling prey to questions like, ‘why me?’


2) You’re Not Analyzing Your Output!

Every input has an output. That’s how the whole universe works. But what happens after you produce the output? You get data. 

Say, you created a marketing campaign, and your output was the KPIs it got you. What do you do after that?

You take feedback out of that data. Analyze it. See what worked well and what didn’t and then again use that feedback as a modified input to generate a better output!



3) Your Social Media Is More Of A Nemesis Than An Ally!

You need to control your social media consumption time rather than letting it control you. Time and energy are limited, unlike money that can be produced. 

So be mindful of how and where you’re using it. Turn off your notifications while you’re working, or just schedule a distraction time separately. 


4) You Don’t Have A Strong ‘WHY’!

This might sound weird, but we humans don’t get motivated by just money even when we need it the most. That does not motivate us to get out of bed and work towards our goals. However, what does motivate us is a strong ‘why’. An emotional trigger that drives us to work hard every day. 

On a personal level, my ‘why’ is to take my parents on a luxurious Europe trip. On a professional level, my ‘why’ is to help my students bring in more and more amazing results. Their results drive me to do better every day. 

So go find out your ‘why’ and remember to be as specific as possible!


5) You’re Not ‘Prioritizing’!

You might have 10 things to do in a day, but you can’t do everything together, right? 

So sit down before you begin your day, and make a list of things you need to do. Number those things depending on their priority. Color-code urgent and less urgent stuff. 

This way you’ll have control over your thoughts and know what exactly are you doing. Setting your priorities should be an integral part of your everyday life. Let’s just say, ‘if everything is important nothing is important.’


6) Your ‘Planning’ Needs More Work!

You can’t just set a crazy, ambitious number as your financial goal. You’ve got to plan and break that plan into a bite-sized format. 

Set an annual financial goal and then calculate how much would you need to earn every month to achieve that. Next, break that monthly figure down to a weekly figure. 

This way you won’t get demotivated or overwhelmed remembering your annual goal when you’re going through a rough patch. 


7) You’re Mixing in the Crowd!

To get noticed, you need to STAND OUT. You need to do something that’s unique and is only yours. 

Learn everything from a mentor but then do something that nobody else in your industry is doing. Do that by sharing your personal stories, wins, and struggles. Come up with new content formats and styles. 

Don’t just copy what everyone else is doing. Become a trailblazer, not a copycat! Concentrate on creating your own unique identity. 


That’s the end of my list! I hope you are not making any of these mistakes, but if you are, now is the best time to rectify them.

Watch this video and hear me explain these 7 points with more examples, diagrams, and insights…


March 28, 2022