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Home Office Essentials, Organization Ideas & Exclusive Tour

Honestly, working out of your house is like a dream come true; it’s fun, it’s comfy, it’s great and everything is nice…but only if you have a designated workspace! Believe me, I was a mess when I transitioned from an office cubicle to a freelancer working from home!

I started it all wrong, I was misusing the freedom that came with it. When I began working from home, I took the liberty of doing it right out of my bed! BIG MISTAKE. Never do that! Always, always set up a table at the least. With all the supplies that you’ll need and a window for natural light if that’s possible!

That’s exactly what I did before I moved into my new house and designed a whole home office space!

So in this blog, I’m gonna give you a few ideas and help you prepare your own workspace.

The Wall

I have a wall where I’ve put up frames. These frames have pictures of me with my family, a few frames have my favorite quotes on them, one frame also has the whole of Marauder’s Map – Harry Potter fans will know!

All in all, it’s a very bright, colorful wall that reminds me of good happy times and makes my heart and brain happy. Each time I look at it, I’m reminded of all things good! You should definitely consider doing up a wall like this, it could be your wall of fame, your memory wall, or just a mix of everything like mine!

The Plants

Those of you who know me know that I’m a sucker for plants. I love my plants! It’s scientifically proven that plants tend to increase attention span, improve creativity, lower stress, and stabilize mood.

The Chair

You’re not in your boss’s office anymore, go gift yourself the work chair you’ve always wanted but never had. Go crazy with it, get it customized, good back support, swift wheels, comfy handles, and oh get it done in your fav color too! You don’t wanna screw up your posture or miss work just because you had a bad backache!

The Desk

Your desk should have all your office supplies handy. Try to keep your desk as clean as you can, a cluttered desk is the no. 1 reason for a cluttered brain which leads to being non-productive and going into a creative rut! Also, here’s a weird but useful tip, keep some dry fruits or healthy snacks on or around your desk. This way, stress eating becomes healthy 😉

Watch my office tour to know why I have a full-length mirror, some makeup, and a workout bench in my office space too!

November 9, 2021