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How To Maintain Healthy Client Relationships

Attracting clients for your freelancing business is a real task, especially if you’re a newbie.

But oftentimes, we forget to acknowledge the fact that just getting a client is not it. You need to create a rapport with your client. Ofcourse, your results should speak for your work, but you should also focus upon the experience that your client gets while working with you!

Today, I’m gonna tell you how to maintain a healthy relationship with your client, right after you have them on board, so let’s get started!

Send two black and white emails right after your proposal gets accepted on call!

Let’s say the client accepted your proposal, here is what you do next. You send them 2 crisp emails. Email 1 should be like a confirmation email, expressing how happy you’re about working with them and then move on to technical stuff about the contract and your invoice along with your billing cycle. Ask them to take action by signing the contract and sending it back to you. So that you can send them Email number 2!

In this email, you should ask them for all the information that you need from their end. Like, their credentials, brand board, brand voice, etc. Also, attach a “How I work document” in this email talking about what your work hours are, what’s the best way to contact you, what you are and are not accountable for, and any other point you feel your client should know!

Create a workspace for exchanging material and assets

Once you’ve sent out the two emails, let your client know about how the two of you can exchange photos, posts, or copies on a regular basis. Set up everything and hand over your client the credentials to the shared working space. You can manage these tasks on Trello or even Google docs and sheets. These are a couple of free working spaces that work really well!

Go on a call with them!

As soon as you’re done with the above steps, schedule a call with your client briefing them with the ideas that you have in mind. Ask them their thoughts, take their opinions, and make changes in your plan based on what they think will work better for their brand.

However, if there’s still a conflict of ideas between you and your client. You should politely address it and do your best to accommodate both of your suggestions. Try and understand your client’s point of view and remind them that both of you are working for the same goal, which is growing their brand!

Be flexible and try to make this hassle-free for your client!

This is an invaluable lesson that I learned from back when I was freelancing. Take out some extra time and over-deliver, do things that your client wouldn’t expect you to do. These are little things that are going to make your client fond of you. They’ll remember these gestures for the longest time and will always wanna work with you.

It’s the experience that counts, so if there’s a crisis or if your client needs you on days you’re not supposed to work, take an hour or two to maybe get their work done. No, I’m not asking you to overwork. Never do that! Just be there for them as much as you can. It’s going to take you a long way!

Having a loyal, trustworthy client is one of the many achievements a freelancer works for. It truly feels great, when you have a client who wants to work with you, project after project, and feels that you’re irreplaceable!

Well, now you know how to make that happen!

Apart from following the above steps, always remember to concentrate on the impact that you’re creating for them and their brand. Let that be the major driving force for you to show up every day and give it your best shot! Your client will know how much you care for them and their brand if you do that, and that’ll just strengthen your relationship with them.

November 9, 2021