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How To Get More Confident In Front Of Camera

My ability to hit the record button, calm myself and deliver what I intend to share with you all was not innate. It is something that I have learned along the way. The camera makes you conscious because it records things that go out for posterity.

I get it, being in front of the lens can be intimidating at first, even I was, but with the right skills, this art can be mastered.

Here are my 3 hacks to show up confidently in front of the camera:

1) Always Prepare Notes Beforehand

I like to record videos while being prepared for what I want to share. I jot down the points I intend to talk about on my phone.

Otherwise what happens is, when you go on video and you’re looking at the camera and then you go blank…..that’s just not good for a recording mindset.

I like to be prepared and write the script a day or two before. Optimize it before I start recording. This way I also don’t forget any information and I’m organized.

2) Willingness to Suck at the Start

If you see my videos from 2-3 years back, the first few videos on my YouTube channel, I cringe looking at them. They are so bad. The quality is not top-notch and I can find so many mistakes in them. But I have accepted the fact that practice and making those mistakes have made me improve.

Everyone starts this way, you should also be willing to not be good on video at the start and then gradually improve. So just because you’re not good at video don’t let that stop you because no one is born looking good for the video you just have to learn and grow; just like every other thing in life you have to be willing to suck at the start.

3) Comfortable Dressing & Grooming

Don’t wear anything fancy or uncomfortable just because you want to look good on video because if you are not comfortable it will show on the camera.

Grooming for ladies could be making sure that your hair is not flying in multiple directions, applying makeup just a little bit of concealer, foundation, and lipstick. It will make you feel more confident and professional.

Pro tip: Don’t go in for bold lipstick shades, you don’t want the lipstick to be the focus of the video. Choose neutral shades.

For men, being groomed entails prepping your hair and beard. They should not look unkept.

Those are some of my hacks to show up confidently on camera. Watch my YouTube Video to learn more hacks to get in front of the lens –

November 9, 2021