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A Day In My Life! (updated)

Working from home and managing a virtual team is definitely not something that a lot of people talk about. So today, I want to share what that looks like and how you can manage your day if you’re in a similar situation or even just in general.

I’ll tell you how you can be more productive and proactive and share my entire day’s routine with you. (It’s not very difficult, in fact, it’s a good mix of work and play)


I start my day at 8 AM. Earlier I used to wake up early and follow a strict morning routine, but these days I don’t beat myself up with that. I wake up at 8 because I sleep late. I sleep late to spend quality family time.

Yes, I choose my family time over waking up early. Because life is more than waking up early just for the sake of it.


After 8, I make my own breakfast, I have a cook, but I like preparing my own breakfast. So, I start working at 9 AM and am usually at my desk till 11 AM.

9 to 11 is my CEO time, where I organize my thoughts, plan my day, think of new ideas or come up with strategies to improve and grow. After 11, I take my bath and take care of a few house chores until 12:30 PM.


At 12:30 PM SGT or 10 AM IST we have our daily team huddles. (my team members operate from India). This is the time we interact and decide outcomes for each team member. I also answer their questions and train them if needed. 

Our daily huddles usually last up to 30 minutes, but it takes longer when my team needs to get things reviewed from me or when we have a launch going on.

I like reviewing things on calls itself, so that I’m not interrupted with it during the rest of my day because that breaks my workflow. Later, we communicate on Slack or get on quick calls if needed.


After the daily huddle, I take a 1-hour lunch break that’s until 3 PM. After which, I get back to work till 7 PM. I take the ‘3 o 7’ time to create whatever is required (free content, paid content). I record or go ‘Live’ if we have something planned. I also like to learn and upgrade myself during this time.

I try to wrap up work by 7 PM. Sometimes it takes longer. But by 8 PM I’m done with dinner and by 8:30 PM I’m out for a walk with my AirPods on. 

I mostly listen to music but on a few days, I do pop in a good audiobook or podcast depending upon my energy levels.


When I’m unable to go out for walks, I make sure I’ve done at least 20 mins of stretches or some kind of movement inside my home. I also take 5-minute breaks after every hour of work just to stretch my body. It’s important to do that if you want to avoid long-term damages. (My bad posture has got to me, and it sucks! I’m now doing everything that I can to fix it!)


I again take a bath at 9 PM, and honestly, that’s the most relaxing thing about my entire day. It feels great and helps me sleep so well. (You’re missing out if you don’t do it)

From 9:30 PM to 11 PM I spend time with my husband, we talk or watch something or just discuss life (that’s important). From 11 PM I start winding up things and prepare to sleep. By 12 AM I’m off to bed!


That’s about it, that’s what a day in my life looks like, *currently*. I’m sure it’ll be different two years from now. Because it’s already different from last year!

Last year, journaling and meditation were a part of my morning routine. And I followed it religiously, but later it got difficult to keep up with that. However, that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on those things. I still journal my thoughts, I still meditate. The difference is, now I do it only when I need it!


I also made reading a book a part of my daily routine last year, but I don’t get the time to do that anymore. Again, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped learning, I now learn from things I’ve invested in or from podcasts and audiobooks. 

I now find quick, unique solutions and answers to my questions instead of reading a whole book! However, I would definitely love to get back to reading books when I have the time for it.

Want to know what else changed? Tune into this video to get some more juicy and detailed insights


March 31, 2022