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How to grow Instagram profile: Strategies that got me to 70,000+ followers


And with so many brands competing for the audience’s attention, you must stand out if you want the audience to notice your brand and your products / services.  
So, how do you do that? How do you attract the right audience on Instagram, who are clamoring to buy your products / services? How do you build your personal brand and grow your brand presence on Instagram so that you reach out to more people and eventually be able to get more leads and sales? 

Here’s how :

Convert your profile into an Instagram Business Profile 
 You will then be able to run targeted ads and also get insights regarding your audience, how your published posts and stories are performing, when are the best times to publish posts on your profile, how many people followed you and unfollowed you, etc. Extremely handy info about your own profile. So, this is the very first step.  

Optimize your Instagram Profile – Choose a unique username that describes you or your work. You can use your full name or your name + what you do. Next choose a SEO friendly name for your profile. This makes it more searchable. Then, you optimize your bio. Your bio should be all about your audience; who and how you can help them and why should they follow you. Upload a high quality, smiling picture of yourself as your display picture. Lastly, optimize your CTA button with a link to your website or funnel.

Optimize the top 9 posts on your feed – It is based on seeing these posts that people who land on your profile decide whether they want to follow you or not. Make sure you provide value in your posts. The images / videos need to be high in quality and nicely edited. If you are planning on running ads, optimizing your top 9 posts is crucial.Run Instagram story ads to grow your followers – Since we cannot rely completely on organic Instagram growth, running Instagram ads is the best way to target and reach your ideal audience on Instagram and get them to follow you.Watch the full training video to get more details on these steps to grow your Instagram profile and be able to attract the right audience for your brand.

June 25, 2020

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