Build your 7-figure brand

By solving people's problems online.
With a high-end offer, lean team, satisfied clients and inner peace.

Vortex is a 12-month mastermind that gives you the custom plan, virtual events, tools,
community, coaching, accountability, and support necessary to achieve this.

Vortex is for you if you’re a consultant, coach, course creator, expert, agency or entrepreneur with an existing
business. If this is you, you’re probably struggling with:
- Selling high-end offers and stuck charging low-ticket
- Getting clients on auto-pilot
- Growth plateaued and you don't know how to scale profits
- Scaling to 1 : many offers to leverage time 
- Hiring smart people and delegating
- Systems, Automations and Operations
- Finding a group of people at or above your level so you can level up fast

Who it's for?

How it works?


6 Module program covering advanced modules on high-end offers, sales, high-end client attraction, building courses, ads and operations.

The content is advanced, crisp, and exactly what you need to get fast results. No need to watch 100-hour long courses, when you're an already busy entrepreneur. 


Weekly Q&A call on Zoom where you can ask Roota Mittal questions live. Watch a recent QA recording to see how the calls go.

What would it feel like to be supported, and have the right mentorship just a message or zoom call away?

No more wondering what strategies work, or how to get the max results for your clients, or how to charge high-end or how to scale your team & operations.


Quarterly planning sessions to audit your past quarter and plan your next. I shared my own lessons, and wins from the past quarter.

And then, we go around hotseat style to share everyone's plan and get coaching 1:1 by me.

No more succumbing to shiny object syndrome, and changing your plan everyday after checking someone else's profile on social media. We create a 90 day plan together, and you implement it with "blinders ON!"


Interact with other high-vibe members and nurture friendships/business collabs and find accountability partners.

You will find networking opportunities, feedback on your projects, friendships so you feel less alone.  

This community is the crème de la crème of the consulting and coaching world. And you're invited to join the club.

Tools and Recordings

All calls are recorded so you don’t need to worry about missing them + Get access to all the systems, templates, funnels, SOP which run our million dollar business.

What members are saying

Deepina S

Marketing Expert

"I don't have to think what next I have to do to scale my business, what next I have to implement. I got a lot of clarity on where to start, what to do, when and how to get there.

I took a 20 day off, for my brothers wedding and I took a seven day off for a holiday luxury trip with my mom and
I knew that my business is not going to suffer. That is the kind of help and clarity I have got from Vortex Mastermind. It'll change the way you think about your own business."

Sivaranjani P

Mindset Coach

"In the last one month, I have made so much of progress, which I did not make in the entire last 10 months and I now know what are my next steps to scale my coaching offer. I feel supported, and don't feel alone in my journey. 

The Mastermind Community is such a safe space. I get unstuck and help is just one ask away in The Mastermind Community."

Vidhi T

Marketing Strategist

"1:1 coaching with Roota really helps me focus on my goals that I want to achieve in the next 12 months. Plus it helps me to deliver great results to my clients. 

If I am stuck, Roota guides me on how should I go about fixing things and what strategy I should be using to help my clients get great results. After going through Vortex Mastermind, I am super confident in providing high-end launch services to coaches and consultants."

How to get started?

The entry to the Vortex Mastermind is by-application only. We reject 66% of the applications for Vortex.
Book a call with our team below to get your invite for Vortex Mastermind.

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Get your business reviewed by the team responsible for over $1M in sales
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